About Us

About Deepanshi Classes

Deepanshi Classes is founded with a single idea in mind: to make subjects like Science and Mathematics exciting and friendly for everyone! Our classes in Physics, Chemistry, and Math are full of demonstrations and examples from everyday life. That erase to understand the concepts and also makes children think! We promise to make the concepts so clear that it will be hard to erase it from your memory! We just need one thing from you: regularity and try solving the quiz and important questions given at the end of each class. This will help you remember the chapter better and boost your confidence. We are here to help you with your doubts.

Hi, I am Deepak, founder of Deepanshi classes. I have also been a student like you! During my school days at ______, Patna, I was very passionate about science and maths. A big thanks to my school teachers and my parents who made learning an exciting journey for me. I used to keep observing whatever we learned in class, around me. Sometimes I would also try science experiments at home. Never knew that it would all come back many years later as passion to me.

Teaching has been a great journey for me, thanks to all my wonderful students. The classroom is always very interactive, full of questions, discussions, and lots of fun!

Our Mission

At Deepanshi classes, our mission is to make learning Science and Math exciting and easy! Our educational videos explain the school coursework with simple examples that you experience every day!

How Lessons Work

Students work with tutors on a one-to-one basis learning concepts & methods based on their school level. Each student has a unique lesson plan & works at their own pace guided by the tutor. Goals are set and monitored with weekly feedback to parents.